16 Things You Don’t Know About Sleep

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We all know that our bodies need sleep in order to function properly. But how much sleep do we really need? What goes on in our minds and bodies while we sleep? There’s more to learn about sleep than you think. The sleep process is still baffling even to scientists. But there’s a lot they’ve managed to figure out so far and its pretty interesting stuff. Click here to check out 16 things you don’t know about sleep.

10 Weird Clauses in Sports Contracts – A blog from Streamline Payroll

ContractWe all know that professional athletes make obscene amounts of money for basically playing a game. Their salaries even get an extra boost from signing bonuses, performance incentives, and personal appearance fees. Savvy sports agents have become pro’s in their own right by insuring that the athletes they represent rake in some pretty incredible profits. Couple that with some not-so-savvy sports organizations and you get the perfect storm to brew up some very interesting, and weird, clauses in sports contracts. Check out this list of weird clauses in sports contracts and the athletes who are making the big bucks from them.
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Unique Chicken Wing Recipes

WingsI don’t know about you, but with the Super Bowl just a few days away my mouth is already watering thinking about all of the delicious game day munchies. One food ¬†that I’ve really been looking forward to chowing down on is chicken wings. This year, I was invited to a Super Bowl Party and I’ve decided to make my own wings to bring along. As much as I love the standard spicy Buffalo wing, I wanted to try out some new wing flavors this year. I’ve been searching the internet for the last few days looking for some unique wing recipes and I must say, there are some pretty amazing recipes out there. Wings have gone from a tailgating finger food to a classy gourmet dish full of exotic, tongue tingling flavors. Here are just a few of the wing recipes that caught my eye:
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The Dating Diaries- A Final Update

Holding HandsHello! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in and told you all what’s been going on in my world of online dating. The last time I wrote, I was completely frustrated by the fact that Stan had canceled our lunch date at the last minute in favor of paying bills. After letting him know that I was not too happy about his decision, he apologized profusely and we pretty much went back to the way things were before.
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