Neshaminy Mall- A Look Into the Past

Neshaminy Mall outside Strawbridge & Clothier (now Macy's) in 1968.

Neshaminy Mall outside Strawbridge & Clothier (now Macy’s) in 1968.

Shopping malls are everywhere these days. Outwardly, they all appear to be the same; huge buildings chocked full of a variety of stores and dining options. Some have movie theaters, others have amusement park rides. But rarely does a mall have history. OK, true, every mall has a past, but I mean history, as in the mall itself has historical significance or houses historical memorabilia. Most shoppers don’t realize it, but Neshaminy Mall in Bensalem happens to be one of these rare and special malls.

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Crock Pot Recipes Your Family Will Crave

Crock PotPicture this: You come home from a long day at work, you rush the kids off to their activities, bring them home and sit them down with their homework and then your personal chef calls you to the dinner table and serves you and your family a hot and satisfying home-made meal. Wait, what was that last part? Yeah, I know. That will never happen. Wishful thinking. But what if there was actually a way to come home to a hot and ready-to-eat meal? Well there is!

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The Origin of the Pothole

Car in PotholeThe severe winter weather has left our roads looking a little worse for wear. OK, a lot worse. Small bumps in the road have turned into massive craters just waiting to bend rims, flatten tires, and wreak havoc on suspensions. In some areas, literally entire sections of the road are missing. So as I was driving the other day, dodging potholes left and right, I thought to myself, “Why the heck do they call these craters in the road potholes?” They aren’t made by pots, they don’t look like pots, PennDot doesn’t fix them with pots. Who’s crazy idea was it to call them potholes? I asked a few people if they knew the answer to this nagging question of mine and nobody had a clue. So I did what any 21st century person would do: I Googled it. What I found was quite interesting so I’ve decided to share it with you.

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