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Our partners at Streamline Payroll are hiring, below is the job description and contact info or share with anyone who may qualify and is looking for employment.

Fast growing payroll company in Bristol, PA seeking self starting
candidate who is willing to learn and grow with our company. Candidate needs to
be detail oriented and good with basic math skills.  Candidate
will need to have a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel
and Outlook.  We are willing to train the right candidate and provide
a good menu of employee benefits after a 90 probationary period.  Salary
is based on experience and a background check is required.

Contact Information:  Brian Tierney or Kim Romani

Phone : 267-557-3600
Fax : 267-557-3605
Email :



USD 20000 – 40000 Per   Year
Career Level Required Entry Level
Experience Required Less than 1 Year
Education Required High School or   equivalent
Job Type Employee
Job Status

Full Time


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2014 Standard Mileage Rate Changes

Streamline payroll is the premier payroll service supplier in the area. What distinguishes Streamline from other payroll service providers is our ability to complete payroll activities at a much more competitive price than our competition, with a staff of experienced tax and accounting experts, who provide personalized service tailored exclusively to the needs of our individual clients. to learn more about Streamline Payroll, visit there website @

2014 standard mileage rate changes


The IRS has announced its new rates for 2014 and there is a slight decrease, ½ cent lower than last year.

Here are the standard mileage rates for the upcoming year

  • 56 cents per mile for business miles driven
  • 23.5 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes
  • 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations

These mileage rates are optional meaning you can use the IRS standard rate for 2014 or you can keep track of your actual expenses of operating a vehicle and claim actual expenses.

Which is better? It’s tough to say, circumstances can vary from individual to individual. Here is a link to help you decide…

For more information on the rate changes, you can read about it here from the IRS…,-Medical-and-Moving-Announced

Federal Government Announces FUTA Credit Reduction States for 2013

BC fed goverment taxes picThe federal government has recently announced that employers in 14 states will face increased FUTA taxes in 2013.  The tax increase for these states is a result of outstanding loans of more than two years with the federal government to pay state unemployment benefits. This tax increase (called a “Credit Reduction”) will result in additional FUTA tax for employees working in each effected state.  The total FUTA Credit Reduction/Rate Increase for 2013 will range between 0.6% to 1.2%, depending on the number of years these loans have been outstanding.  As an example, the state of CA currently has an outstanding loan balance of $9.2 Billion.  This tax increase is used, in part, to retire this outstanding debt.


The states impacted along with the rate increases are listed below:

 0.6% Rate Increase


 0.9% Rate Increase


 1.2% Rate Increase



For employers operating in DE, the 0.6% credit reduction may increaseyour FUTA tax by as much as $42/employee.  For employers in a state with a .9% credit reduction,  the FUTA tax can increase by $63/employee.  The 1.2% credit reduction can increase taxes by $84/employee.    Remember that the increase in FUTA only relates to the first $7,000 in wages paid to employees in the states impacted.  FUTA taxes for employees working in other states will not be effected.


As year-end tax reports become available, Streamline Payroll will review FUTA tax returns for all client’s with employees located in the states subject to this tax increase.  Refer to your 4th Qtr 2013 Tax Package for the additional amount of FUTA taxes due.  It will be shown on the Reconciliation Recap report, beginning on page 3.  Also, Form 940 page 3 will show the detailed breakdown of wages and additional taxes for each state.  The additional FUTA taxes will be paid with the 4th Qtr FUTA payment on January 31st, 2014.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.  We will be happy to  answer any questions you have regarding this issue.

 Streamline Payroll, LLC

267 557 3600

How clean is your heater?

We are all in the trenches right now as the holiday’s bear down on us like a freight train that’s behind schedule. And since the fall season was extremely mild, this past flurry of storms, snow and freezing temperatures has my heater working some overtime hours. With that, it prompted me to check the filters and schedule a cleaning.  Bill Eberhardt from ECI, sums it all up and puts it into some cool perspective in his blog.  Check it out here…