Bucks County Housing Group Visits the Bensalem Rotary


Bucks County Housing GroupLaura Foster, Program Coordinator for the Bucks County Housing Group, made a presentation to the Bensalem Rotary Club about homelessness in Bensalem at their May 13th luncheon meeting held at Michael’s Restaurant on Street Road.

Bucks County Housing Group is a private, non-profit social service organization which provides a wide range of housing and related social services to homeless and low-income families with the primary goal of helping families attain permanent housing and financial security. Some other services that the organization provides are food pantries, housing for veterans, rental properties, rapid re-housing, first time home buyers assistance, mortgage assistance and foreclosure assistance.

Unbeknownst to many Bensalem residents, the Bucks County Housing Group runs a homeless shelter in Bensalem funded by St. Mary’s Medical Center. The shelter is located in the Creekside apartment complex, where the organization currently rents 20 units that house homeless families of single moms and their children. This shelter is a second step shelter, meaning that residents are referred to the program from another social service agency. Most residents live in the shelter for eight months to a year until they are financially stable and able to secure their own housing. This program has been very successful in transitioning families out of homelessness and there is a very low occurrence of participants returning to the program a second time.

The organization relies heavily on the support of the community for food pantry donations and housewares supplies. Individuals are invited to donate supplies and volunteer their time in a variety of settings. It is the hope of the Bensalem Rotary to partner with the Bucks County Housing Group, whether through volunteering, donating or setting up a scholarship fund for the moms in the program. They look forward to helping in any way they can.

Bucks County Point in Time Count 2014The Bensalem Rotary is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the lives of Bensalem residents and raising money to help those in need. The club meets every Tuesday at 12:00 pm at Michael’s Restaurant on Street Road for an informal luncheon and occasional guest presentations. All are welcome to join for lunch or to do a 15 minute presentation about your nonprofit or community organization. To learn more about the Bensalem Rotary, visit www.bensalemrotary.org.


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