The Origin of the Pothole

Car in PotholeThe severe winter weather has left our roads looking a little worse for wear. OK, a lot worse. Small bumps in the road have turned into massive craters just waiting to bend rims, flatten tires, and wreak havoc on suspensions. In some areas, literally entire sections of the road are missing. So as I was driving the other day, dodging potholes left and right, I thought to myself, “Why the heck do they call these craters in the road potholes?” They aren’t made by pots, they don’t look like pots, PennDot doesn’t fix them with pots. Who’s crazy idea was it to call them potholes? I asked a few people if they knew the answer to this nagging question of mine and nobody had a clue. So I did what any 21st century person would do: I Googled it. What I found was quite interesting so I’ve decided to share it with you.

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16 Things You Don’t Know About Sleep

Sleeping Family

We all know that our bodies need sleep in order to function properly. But how much sleep do we really need? What goes on in our minds and bodies while we sleep? There’s more to learn about sleep than you think. The sleep process is still baffling even to scientists. But there’s a lot they’ve managed to figure out so far and its pretty interesting stuff. Click here to check out 16 things you don’t know about sleep.

Top Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

Gone are the days of little kids dressed up as ghosts and witches parading up and down the street in costumes made by their mothers. Traditional and homemade costumes are out the window and have been replaced by store bought costumes ranging from cartoon characters to celebrities. This Halloween, it has been estimated that American parents will spend a total of 1 billion dollars on costumes for their children. And if you thought dressing up for Halloween was an activity for the kids, think again. Adult costumes are more popular than ever with sales expected to reach 1.2 billion dollars this year.

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Change of seasons brings change within coaches ranks

The Faces of Change

Everyone knows that fall is a season of changes and that could not be more true for Philadelphia sports teams.  This fall, our four major sports teams are experiencing coaching changes in the same season. You may be asking yourself, “Has this ever happened before?”  The answer is no, not in Philadelphia, but the last time it happened was in 2005 in Detroit.  Here’s what went down:

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