Top 10 Highest Paid Models of 2013- A Blog from Streamline Payroll

Runway ModelsNot only are today’s models raking in the big bucks for strutting their stuff down the runway, but they’re also making a pretty penny from various endorsement deals and other business dealings. They’re work on and off the runway has produced some of the highest salaries the modeling industry has ever seen. These beautiful bombshells are no longer simply getting paid to be pretty. Behind their gorgeous exteriors lies a keen business sense and knowledge of the modeling industry that allows them to not only market themselves, but to take advantage of other behind the scenes business opportunities such as owning shares of a shoe company or starting their own fashion line. The following ten models not only have beauty, but also the brains that put them on the list of the top ten highest paid models of 2013.

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AllMed is Certified to Provide Mandatory DOT Physicals

AllMed Comprehensive Care Center is the only full service occupational medical provider in Bensalem certified to perform the new mandatory DOT physical required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

DOT Physical Bensalem Northeast Philadelphia Bucks County

If you require a commercial driver’s license for your job, you are now required to provide a current copy of your Medical Examiner’s Certificate to PennDOT.  AllMed can help you with that.

Call AllMed today to schedule your physical at 215-638-0666, or click here to learn more: AllMed Offers Mandatory DOT Physicals in Our Bensalem Office

5 Business Lessons Small Business Owners Can Learn From Steve Jobs- A Streamline Payroll Blog

Steve JobsApple co-creator and long-time chief executive Steve Jobs was nothing short of a prodigy when it came to turning Apple into one of the most innovative companies in the U.S. Started in a garage in the 1970’s, Jobs’ business savvy, persistence and ability to think outside the box turned Apple into the 3rd largest company in the history of our economy. His impressive running of Apple from the time of it’s inception as a small business, leaves other small business owners with a multitude of lessons to learn from when it comes to how they can become successful as well. The following are just a few of the business lessons we can learn from Steve Jobs:

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Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care- Do You Know Where To Go?

Urgent Care vs. Emergency RoomHow will you determine whether a minor injury or illness requires a trip to the emergency room or your local urgent care facility? Deciding where to receive treatment first depends on the seriousness of the medical situation. With the Affordable Care Act, health insurance plans have changed the way they pay for emergency room and urgent care facility visits.

To ensure you are able to receive appropriate care, are billed the least amount possible, and don’t have to wait as long for treatment, it is critical that you fully understand your options.

AllMed Comprehensive Care Center in Bensalem can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your immediate care needs. Learn more by clicking here: Choosing Urgent Care in Bensalem and Northeast Philadelphia.


What You Can Do If You Hate Your Job

Hate Your JobDo you hate your job? Does waking up every morning for work fill you with dread? According to a recent Gallup Poll on the state of the American workplace, 70 percent of workers surveyed described themselves as “disengaged” from their work. Of that 70 percent, 18 percent described themselves as “actively disengaged” and said they frequently express their discontent in the workplace. The remaining 52 percent of workers showed up daily and did their work, but were less than thrilled about it. There are plenty of reason out there as to why people hate their jobs. Poor relationships with co-workers, feeling under-utilized, under-compensated, or unappreciated are just a few of the causes of utterly hating ones job. Given the fact that so many people hate their jobs, why doesn’t anyone bother to do something about it? According to career consultant Maggie Mistal, “People often stay in jobs they don’t like because they don’t realize what else they can do. They haven’t taken the time to identify what makes them happy or where their talents lie. They haven’t clarified their values and thought about how they’d like to use their abilities to make a difference and align their work with their purpose. Too often people assume work is supposed to be a chore so they don’t even look for anything other than that when embarking on a career.” So how do we take Maggie’s advice and put it into action? It’s not as hard as you might think. Here are 10 things you can do if you hate your job: Continue reading

10 Weird Clauses in Sports Contracts – A blog from Streamline Payroll

ContractWe all know that professional athletes make obscene amounts of money for basically playing a game. Their salaries even get an extra boost from signing bonuses, performance incentives, and personal appearance fees. Savvy sports agents have become pro’s in their own right by insuring that the athletes they represent rake in some pretty incredible profits. Couple that with some not-so-savvy sports organizations and you get the perfect storm to brew up some very interesting, and weird, clauses in sports contracts. Check out this list of weird clauses in sports contracts and the athletes who are making the big bucks from them.
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