High Electric Bills Got You Down?


High Electric BillThis winter has been one of the worst we’ve had in years. Tons of snow and day after day of freezing temperatures have caused us to seek the warmth of our homes. Many of us have had no choice but to kick up the heat in our homes in order to keep warm. A recent CBS news report stated that local electric customers have been getting charged hundreds of dollars more than what was on their previous month’s bill. This is due to the fact that many electric companies have at least doubled their cents per kilowatt hour over the past month. For customers on a variable rate plan with their electric company, this means that their rate can go up at any time and without notice. Although many customers have been complaining about the situation, there is no guarantee that rates will decrease any time soon. We saw a short reprieve for a few days when temperatures hit the 50’s, but we’re already back into the freezing temperatures again and there is more snowy weather on the way. How can we keep our families safe and warm in our homes without going bankrupt? ECI Comfort Solutions has some tips that can help.

If you are a victim of this billing crisis, ECI Comfort is here for you! They have tips for making your home more efficient!





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