Rotary Club of Bensalem to Partner with ShelterBox Initiative

ShelterBox & Rotary LogoShelterBox ambassador Tom Lloyd joined the Bensalem Rotary Club at their April 22nd luncheon meeting held at Michael’s Restaurant on Street Road. Mr. Lloyd made a presentation to those in attendance about how ShelterBox helps millions of people in disaster stricken areas around the world each year.

ShelterBox is a non-profit organization that provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world which have been overwhelmed by natural disaster or humanitarian crisis. Since they began providing aid in 2000, they have responded to earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, landslides, typhoons, and conflict.

The goal of ShelterBox is to respond quickly to emergency situations and provide desperately needed materials that will bring hope, independence and a sense of normalcy to families recovering from the aftermath of a disaster. The program is intended to fill gaps in aid provision, which often overlook proper shelter and living supplies in favor of food and medicine.

ShelterBox ContentsEach ShelterBox is custom made to suit each particular disaster situation and is filled with practical, life-saving aid. Items found in each box can include a high tech tent designed to withstand extreme elements, thermal blankets, insulated ground sheets, mosquito netting, water purification equipment, a wood-burning or multi-fuel stove, pots and pans, bowls, mugs, water storage containers, utensils, a basic tool kit, and activity kits for children.

Each ShelterBox costs $1,000 to create and requires a multitude of volunteers to assemble, transport and deliver to the destination in need. Rotary international has been instrumental in the growth and success of the ShelterBox program. In 2012, ShelterBox became Rotary International’s first project partner and the fundraising efforts of Rotarians make up a substantial portion of the donations received by ShelterBox. In keeping with their mission to serve the community as well as the rest of the world, the Rotary Club of Bensalem will be doing their part to help raise funds for ShelterBox and volunteer their time to the organization.ShelterBox Recipients

The Bensalem Rotary is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the lives of Bensalem residents and raising money to help those in need. The club meets every Tuesday at 12:00 a.m. at Michael’s Restaurant on Street Road for an informal luncheon and occasional guest presentations. All are welcome to join for lunch or to do a 15 minute presentation about your nonprofit or community organization. To learn more about the Bensalem Rotary, visit

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