Spotlight On: Nathan Bartholomay- Team USA Olympic Figure Skater

Nathan Bartholomay

For Newtown, PA native Nathan Bartholomay, becoming an Olympian was always the ultimate goal. Having taken up figure skating after watching his older sister compete, he fell in love with the sport and soon began to take his training more seriously.

Bartholomay began living in Delaware during the week so he could train with an elite program and only returned home to Newtown on weekends. During this training, he picked up a new pairs partner, Felicia Zhang of Plainsboro, New Jersey. The two skaters decided to fully dedicate themselves to making the 2014 US Olympic Figure Skating Team.

Nathan and Felicia at the US Nationals.

Nathan and Felicia at the US Nationals.

After moving to Florida to train with a new coach, the pair finished second overall at the 2014 U.S. nationals, so their spot was not guaranteed. They had to wait for the selection committee to come out with a decision. After a nerve wracking wait, they received a text with the good news that they had made the Olympic team.

“I got the text first,” said Nathan. “I jumped out of my seat and said, ‘We made it!’ She said, ‘What?’ And I said, ‘Made the Olympics!’ It is not easy to make it. You basically have everything come down to four minutes in a particular year.”

Even though figure skating has taken Nathan far from his home in Newtown, he Felicia and Nathanknows that everyone back home supports him and is cheering him on.

“Almost of all my friends have been in touch with me and been very supportive,” said Bartholomay. “They have been making signs for me on Facebook and people from my former church (Newtown Friends) are always giving me support.”

Make sure to watch Nathan and his skating partner Felicia Zhang in the pairs figuring skating competition at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. The pairs competition begins February 6th. Check your local TV listing for times and channels.

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