The Dating Diaries- A Final Update

Holding HandsHello! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in and told you all what’s been going on in my world of online dating. The last time I wrote, I was completely frustrated by the fact that Stan had canceled our lunch date at the last minute in favor of paying bills. After letting him know that I was not too happy about his decision, he apologized profusely and we pretty much went back to the way things were before.

He tried to reschedule with me for the next day, but I had to work. Then two days later we had been text messaging each other and chatting. We were both on our way home from the gym and he suggested we stop home to shower and change clothes and then meet up halfway to grab a late dinner. I told him I wasn’t up for it and just wanted to head home. At this point his response was, “Bummer. I guess I really shouldn’t have canceled on you the other day.” Damn straight you shouldn’t have! Anyway, he said he was going to be in the area the next day with a friend and that maybe he would stop by and see me at work. Low and behold, he did stop by. We chatted for a little while and then I had to get back to work. After he left, I knew for sure that I wanted to see him again even more so than I did after our first date. I don’t know what changed for me, but that’s just how I felt.

Two days later, Stan was in the area for work and his friend was with him again. He asked if I wanted to meet them for lunch So In Like With Youand I said yes. We went back to the scene of our first date (the sushi there rocks!) and we had a great time, even with his friend there. They had another stop to make before going home, so I took a ride with them to hang out for a little bit. After returning home, we continued to text each other and we both made it known that we like each other and would like to continue hanging out. How refreshing! People actually making it known how they feel about one another! Usually, early on in a dating situation such as this, its a bunch of crazy mind games and a lot of confusion about what the other person is thinking. I’m glad we put everything out there in the open. It makes for a more comfortable situation and it shows a willingness on both our parts to be honest with each other.

At this point, you may be wondering what happened to Jason from whom I was supposed to meet up with this week. Well, we did make plans to meet for dinner. But after seeing Stan two more times and knowing for sure that we’re both interested in each other, it just didn’t feel right to keep my date with Jason. Jason seemed like a very nice guy, but from messaging him, I could tell already that it wasn’t the same kind of connection I have with Stan. On a more superficial note, I’m not as attracted to Jason as I am to Stan. Sounds shallow, but attraction has to be there. So I wrote Jason a very nice message about how I met someone else and didn’t want to take advantage of his time or his feelings. He responded saying he was disappointed, but understood. We wished each other luck and that was that.

So back to Stan the man. At this point, I’m making the difficult decision to stop blogging about him. Not only do I think its unnecessary to write a blog post about every single one of our dates, but I feel like it would be crossing a line of trust now that things between us appear to be moving forward. When I began this blog series, it was my intention to provide my audience with funny, crazy, frustrating stories about online dating. I realize that this blog has been an epic fail in that sense. Sorry! The whole point of online dating is to meet someone special, so I guess that mission has been accomplished for the time being. Go figure that it happened to me when I was banking on the fact that I would have numerous dating disasters to blog about. Long story short, this blog series is being discontinued for the time being. If things don’t work out with Stan, I’ll be back in the online dating scene again and more than happy to blog about it for your entertainment. Until then, best of luck to all of you in your dating endeavors. And remember, despite all of the aggravation online dating brings you, there is someone out there for everyone. I truly believe that.

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