Things You Did As A Kid That You’ll Never Let Your Kids Do

Bubble Wrap Kid

It seems as though our world is the most dangerous its ever been. There’s terrorists, murderers, kidnappers, crazy drivers and who knows what else. Danger appears to be lurking around every corner. As parents, its your number one priority to protect your children from these dangers. But take a second and think back to your own childhood. Think of all the things your parents allowed you to do that you would never in a million years let your own kids do. It’s a pretty long list, isn’t it? Here are a few things we came up with to share with you.

  1. Playing Outside- Yeah, okay. So maybe you allow your kids to play outside under your supervision. But do you remember what it was like to play outside when you were a kid? You were out there all day, unsupervised, moving from one friend’s house to the other and as long as you were home by dark, it was all good with your parents. Today, if your kids are playing outside and they disappear from in front of your home, its practically cause for an Amber Alert. It really is a shame that parents have to be afraid to let their children play outside.

  2. Seat Belts- Depending on how old you are, the cars your parents drove when you were a kid may not even have had seat belts. And if they did, chances are your parents didn’t make a big deal about you using them. Today, not only do parents belt their kids into their seats, but kids are in car seats/booster seats until they’re roughly six years old. Not to mention you would never even consider purchasing a car without a multitude of airbags and you would never allow your kids to ride in the front seat.

  3. Using Sunblock- Admit it, you were one of those beach bums laying out in the sun all day covered in Crisco trying to get aSunblock Kid nice tan. The thought of slathering on sunblock just never really occurred to you or your parents. Then again, neither did the idea of skin cancer. Today, parents don’t wait for a trip to the beach to break out the sun block. Parents are smearing the stuff all over their kids if they plan to be in the sun for more that five minutes. And rightfully so. Skin cancer is a serious, an scary, thing.

  4. Wearing Helmets- When we were kids, helmets weren’t a big deal. They were big and clunky, not to mention ugly, and only the dorky kids with overprotective parents wore them. At least until they rode away from their house and ditched the hideous thing in a bush until it was time to head home. Today, if our kids get on anything with wheels are anything that lifts them two feet or more off the ground, on goes a helmet. Helmet wearing has even been made into a law in some areas. Head injuries have definitely become serious business.

  5. Babysitting- When you were a kid, it was acceptable for you parents to leave you home with a very young babysitter or Duct Tape Babysibling. You might have even been one of these babysitters or siblings. By age 10, kids were deemed responsible enough to look after other children. These days, even leaving your kids with a teenager probably makes you cringe in fear of what might be going on at your house while you’re out. Not to mention that you probably wouldn’t allow your kids to babysit for others at this age. Today, parents would prefer babysitters with college degrees, years of child care experience and who are first aid certified. Quite a list of qualifications.

  6. Waiting In the Car- You know you did this all the time. Your parents had to run into the store or a few things and you didn’t feel like going in so they allowed you to wait in the car. Today, leaving your kids in the car while you shop could lead to a multitude of dangerous events. Not to mention it would get you arrested for child endangerment.

What things did your parents let you do that you would never allow your kids to do? We’d love to hear! Please comment below.

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