Unique Chicken Wing Recipes

WingsI don’t know about you, but with the Super Bowl just a few days away my mouth is already watering thinking about all of the delicious game day munchies. One food  that I’ve really been looking forward to chowing down on is chicken wings. This year, I was invited to a Super Bowl Party and I’ve decided to make my own wings to bring along. As much as I love the standard spicy Buffalo wing, I wanted to try out some new wing flavors this year. I’ve been searching the internet for the last few days looking for some unique wing recipes and I must say, there are some pretty amazing recipes out there. Wings have gone from a tailgating finger food to a classy gourmet dish full of exotic, tongue tingling flavors. Here are just a few of the wing recipes that caught my eye:

Pomegranate WingsPomegranate, Sriracha and Mint Chicken Wings

This is the recipe that I’ve decided to try this year. I love the flavor of pomegranates and I think the sweetness of the fruit mixed with the spicy Sriracha sauce will make for the ultimate sweet and spicy wings. The pomegranate flavor in this recipe comes from pomegranate flavored molasses, which will give the wings a sticky glaze that will crisp up nicely in the oven. Yum! Click here for the recipe.

PB&J Wings

PB&J WingsThat’s right. Peanut butter and jelly on your wings. Now before you convince yourself that this would be totally gross, get your brain in chef mode and look at it from a culinary perspective. Peanuts or peanut butter and chicken is a tasty combination. Think of the chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce that is served at Thai restaurants. That’s yummy, right? Now for the jelly. It’s sweet, sticky and just like the pomegranate molasses in the first recipe, it should give the wings a nice, crispy glaze. And we all know that peanut butter and jelly go great together and now we know they each go great with chicken, so why not try all three together? Click here for the recipe.

Mango-Tamarind WingsChicken Wings with Mango-Tamarind Sauce

This recipe caught my eye because it uses tamarind paste, a little known ingredient found in Asian markets. It’s used in Thai food and has a sour, but tasty flavor. Mix it with mango and its sure to make a delicious sweet and sour wing sauce. This is an easy recipe where you basically throw all of the ingredients in a blender and then pour it over the wings to marinate, reserving some sauce to use as a glaze. Click here for the recipe.

Pad Thai Chicken Wings

This recipe isn’t actually a recipe at all. It’s just an idea I had one night while laying in bed trying to fall asleep. I was pondering different wing recipes when it occurred to me that the sauce I make for my favorite pad Thai recipe could double as an amazing wing glaze. I’m thinking that the wings could be marinated in the sauce, then baked in the oven. I would reserve some of the sauce to brush on the wings while they’re baking or to toss them in after baking. I would sprinkle the finished wings with crushed peanuts, just like you get on top of pad Thai, for a nice added crunch. I’m definitely going to attempt this wing idea for the Super Bowl. And while you’re trying this wing idea, try the pad Thai recipe as well! Click here for the pad Thai sauce recipe.

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